Thursday, November 29, 2007

Flourish Tree

After a LONG day of dealing with the teenagers attendance issues at school, my husband bought me a Quick Kutz "Flourish" die yesterday to cheer me up. He had seen a card sample of a Christmas tree made from this die.

Having not seen the card or any cards samples of this die, I attempted to make a Christmas tree of my own. I cut out two large Flourishes, one being the reverse of the other, cut off a few of the swirls and glued them together. I like the affect.

I love the silver tree too, however it may have looked better in copper or gold cardstock.

I am not thrilled with the finished product, it needs something. I wish I had a Noel or other sentiment stamp small enough to fit on the page. Maybe it needs a bauble? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Paisleys

I really liked how this card turned out. I had no pre-thought notions or inspirations for this one. I just started cutting paper and laying it out and the finish product is quite nice. Both stamps are from SU's Polka dots & Paisley and the paisley print is Courtyard Paisley's by Scrapbook Walls.

I think I may try this one out in the reverse colours to see the affect. Have the brown background and blue highlights.

Kerry's Bella's

Here are some more one offs from my care package. I love the Bella Stamps. I like them all so much that I just can't decide which one to buy first. Hmm ...maybe "frizzybella" or "imeldabella" because I have a great shop til you drop stamp that came with a Christmas sentiments set.

I am a little embarrassed by this last one. I had the greatest intentions when making it. It just turned out a lot "louder" then I had envisioned. Oh well, I will keep it and give it to a little girl some time down the line.

Holly Jolly

My sister mentioned her frustration that she can make beautiful scrapbook pages while at a scrapping party, but finds it hard to come up with ideas when she is alone at home. Here is a Holly Jolly 2007 page that I made for her. I gave her the option of picture sizes to play with on the top left hand side.

Kerry's Changito

Kerry J. so graciously sent me a stamping care package that had a bunch of one off's of some of her stamps. The next few post's are some of the cards that I have made thus far from her kind gift.

I saw a template for this design several weeks back on Split Coast Stampers, but didn't take note of the users name so can't give them credit. It is somewhat of a gate design / tent topper.

Cambria Inspirations

These cards in part were inspired by Cambria Turnbow of "Stamp A Little Love Baby". I love her card designs and decided to try making various cards using the same Wild Asparagus paper samples for a varied effect.

Sorry some of the pictures are blurry, I don't think I had the close-up option selected on the camera.

I would have preferred a different flower stamp then In Full Bloom by SU, but my stamps are still somewhat limited. I am building on them all the time though.

Savory Stamping

Welcome to my Blog.

I have only been stamping a short time, thanks to a friend "Cards by Kerry", I am now hooked.

I have been perusing other user pages here and on Split Coast Stampers for a while now and am floored at the amazing talent out there. Since I am still new to the stamping scene, I am still doing some casing, but mostly I have found that your creations inspire wonderful ideas for me. I am excited to see if I can be of any source of inspiration for any one out there. Or just let me know what you think, your comments will be greatly relished.

Thanks for stopping by.