Monday, December 1, 2008

Blogger's Be Ware & Cute Photos

While perusing Cammie's wonderful site, I came across an article she linked to by Julie Ebersole about appropriate Blog etiquette or "netiquette". Very informative, many of us are guilty of unwittingly using another blogger's band width, which could result in a cost to them. To see the article go here there are a few follow up articles which give more clarification.

I have seen many site's where they have posted the sketch image from a sketch challenge on their own site and then their rendition. It never crossed my mind that what these folks were doing by posting the sketch image could cost another person band width and possible financial expense. Although I have only ever used a URL link to reference other's images, I had no idea that this could be bad netiquestte. I was just trying to consciously give credit where credit was due

Makes you really re-think how to post on your blog.
On a HAPPIER note, I have two cute photo's to share:

My kids this past Saturday evening at our local Santa Claus Parade - it was the first one for the both of them.
We couldn't resist snapping a photo of this adorable hairy driver that was parked in front of us at the grocery store yesterday. Too cute, my daughter thought the dog was really driving, she was so excited.

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