Monday, November 2, 2009

My First Ribbon Knot

I made my very first every ribbon knot in Photoshop, with the help Stacy Carlson's Gotta Pixel tutorial found here. I first tried making a striped knot with very little success. The stripes seemed to throw off the realistic look of the knot.

As well a special thanks to my hubby for showing me how to use the Marquee tool in order to hide sections of layers under other layers such as the paper clip through the ribbon or the scissors blades under the cardstock.

The one thing that concerns me about the digital stamping pages I have made is that I don't know if I am sizing the embellishments correctly. My fear is that once they are printed the scale will be off. I won't know until I print them.


Layout borrowed from SU Stamping Technique booklet.

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