Monday, August 31, 2009

Hubby's Bento

This is another trial run for making Bento lunches, this time my hubby is the guinea pig.

The Bento Box was purchased at Pacific Mall in Markham for only $3.99. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any of the kewl bento accessories at the mall, so I went ahead with my eBay purchases. The top tray full of fruit actually has 3 dividers which does not show up well in the photo. The pineapple section is half of the top layer and the melon portion is the other half of the layer split into two sections.

I cased this "Corn-dog" muffin recipe from Whats For Lunch at Our House. Recipe found here. These are corn muffins with added shredded marble cheese and hotdog pieces. This recipe can be tweeked to make pizza muffins, ham and swiss, cheeseburger, taco muffins etc.

I added a cheese string and one boiled egg to top off the protein and filled the bottom corner of the bottom layer with homemade trail mix comprised of: Shreddies, Cheerios, pumpkin seeds, raisin's and granola.

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