Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boo To You

Tired of putting out all the same old Halloween decorations, I decided to make new ones. Check out my inspiration found here at You Craft Me Up!

This was a super easy project. My husband cut the blocks for me from 2 x 4's. I painted them black, then used a Dremel tool to sand and rough up the edges. On white card stock I stamped the background with a Stampendous block stamp in black ink, then traced and filled in the letters from a dollar store chipboard alphabet set.

Using AMM Chocolate Paper Stain, I aged and antiqued the whole square making sure to darken the corners and edges.

Using home made Decoupage glue (3 parts white glue, to 1 part water), I fixed the finished card stock squares onto the blocks.

I also made a Halloween vignette in my ultra tiny front foyer, which isn't even large enough for a small side table. I am smushed up against the front door in order to take this photo.

I have often seen mini shelf wedges while out shopping and have thought of picking some up, but never got around to it. When I was inspired by You Craft Me Up!'s - "Wall Reveal", I of course was not able to find any shelf wedges any where - even Walmart because they are re-doing their home decor department. Finally at the last store I found a $ 5.00 wedge shelf in the Clearance bin, just the price I was looking for, especially since the non-clearance wedge shelves were going for $39.99 a piece.

The skulls in the martini glass are from the Dollar Store as well as the glass candle (pumpkin) holder, the spider webbing, ceramic pot, Spanish moss and the florist foam inside the pot. The branch is from my back yard. I haven't decided what to hang from it yet.

The grave stone was on Clearance at the same store I purchase the wedge shelf. The crow which I cut in half was purchased at Liquidation World for $ 3.00. Crow Frame tutorial found here at Dollar Store Crafts. I used the 'vintage newspaper' printed paper bag from my local Shabby Chic decor store as the background for my Creepy Crow Frame. I crinkled the paper then went over it with AMM paper stain. My crow unfortunately was hollow inside so I had a rough time gluing him in place. Believe it or not, white glue did the trick, I couldn't find my glue gun.

The Canicula Embalming Fluid bottle is real. My father in law gave us this bottle he found at an antique bottle show many years ago. I never thought of displaying it as Halloween Art until now.

Now I am itching to get my hands on a scroll saw to make some cut out lettering, but the blocks will do for now. As well as a Cricut, which has been on my MUST HAVE LIST for ages, I specifically stopped and showed one to my hubby when we were in Walmart recently, hoping he gets the HUGE *hint*!!!


Heather - said...

Wow! Everything looks great. I love your vintagey bag as backing for your crow! Thanks for linking to DSC!


Maria said...

You are seriously so sweet! I came by to tell you thank you for the sweet comment you left me, and then when I saw this post and all the credit you gave me (which I so don't deserve!) I couldn't believe it! I absolutely LOVE your BOO blocks! (I copied and saved the picture to my craft file) and I am so copying you! :D And your shelf looks great too (love the crow and embalming fluid!) I love the way you took my ideas, twisted them into your own, and made super cute things! I am so impressed! (oh and if you want a good starter scroll saw my first one came from Harbor Freight and it was under $50) but I highly suggest getting one around the $100 range (I burnt through the motor of my first one in the first year!) My other one is a skill (not the best) and I have now had it for 8 years. Thanks again so much! Hope you don't mind, but I want your blog on my blog roll so I can see all your cute inspiration!