Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Witch Candy Stand - Trick Or Treat Dish

I started this project last week. I initially saw a Trick or Treat stand at a local craft fair, two years in a row. Both times I mentioned to my hubby that I could make one myself. I finally got around to it.

This is a GREAT Dollar Store project. Believe it or not it only cost me approximately $5.00 to make this Trick or Treat goody bowl stand. The majority of the parts I already had in my craft stash.
The only items I purchased for this project, all from the Dollar Store, were: the candy bowl, the "Come In... " sign, the cat, the broom and the green craft paint. The green tutu was from my daughters dress up bin, but was originally purchased from the dollar store. She has a nicer green one from last years dance recital so gave me permission to re-purpose this one for my project.

The stand was built with 2x4's and spare wood. I had orange canvas type fabric on hand that I painted for the the boots and legs, which I then sewed together, painted with Acrylic craft paint and stuffed. *I wouldn't recommend making little swirly toes on the boots as I did - it was almost impossible to right side out the fabric once it was sewn.

The stand or base was painted black and then using the direction found here from Dollar Store, I used school glue to crackle effect with green craft paint.

I think I applied too much glue and green paint for the crackle effect, it started ooze down the base before drying. The oozing looks great for a Halloween, I would use less next time for a Home Decor project.

I hot glued the bowl, boot/legs, broom and cat detail onto the crackled base and voila a cute witch stand for your Halloween Treats.

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