Monday, September 26, 2011

Raining Art Journal

I went out this weekend and picked up a few things so that I can continue my new love of art journaling. I bought a proper sketch book, some more acrylics and water soluble pastels - hurray! I was also inspired to try my hand at my own text. Christy from Tiddly Inks, sent me a link to an incredible art journaling artist Joanne Sharpe found here at Whimpsirations. I just had to try my hand at large scale hand drawn fonts.

I recently discovered that Bloggabella has Art Journal Monday every week. I was just hoping that my idea for a page would fit, and it did. Today's challenge was to use a magazine phrase or image or both to inspire your piece. This rain idea has been in my head a couple of days and funnily enough while poking through my local sale flyers there was a Fashion Store add with a lady under an umbrella, voila.

I glued on some DP and ripped book text then acrylic painted the entire page. I sketched over the painting in pencil, - which was a mistake, my colouring with the pastels was greatly hampered by having everything blue underneath show through.

I am not terribly creative in the font drawing department so I typed up the phrase in Word and played around with different font types. When I got what I wanted, I sketched it out in pencil while looking at the Word document.

The expression may seem odd. It is a take off on how happy I was last week to have gotten a brand new extra wide umbrella after having been soaked the day before discovering my fall coat was no longer water proof. When it down poured again a couple of days later, I was prepared and very happy.

I didn't use a single stamp on this page, everything was hand drawn. I will admit it took the entire school day today to complete this, and dinner was late getting to the table - yikes!

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Christy/Tiddly Inks said...

Ohhh, so fantastic!!! I love your lady and the letters! You are soooo talented! :) Lovely feel to the whole piece...:)