Friday, September 5, 2008

Dee's Two Steppin' Blossoms ssnotime51

"Today’s challenge is Dancin’ with Dee!!! So get out your dancin’ shoes because we are going dancin’ — and that would be doing the 2-step, or 3-step, stampin’ that is!!!" - Sharon (No Time To Stamp?) re: Dee Jackson

I really struggled
with the challenge on No Time To Stamp (ssnotime51gallery) not because it was difficult per say, but I just didn't have the equipment. I don't have any two or three step stamps and I had a hard time envisioning any of my stamps in the alternate shadow technique or the kissing technique. I did try both alternate techniques using various stamps from SU - Mixed Bouquet & SU Looks Like Spring.

I quickly gave up on the kissing technique, then I stamped and I stamped and I just was not satisfied because I couldn't quite line up the stamps with the shadow technique not having a stamp positioner.

After much frustration I reminded myself, that this is a Stamp SIMPLY challenge. I don't need to make it harder then it needs to be and I need to have fun and keep things simple. So letting go of my frustrations I picked the stamped image that came closest to being lined up properly.

Here is the final outcome in shadow technique.

Stem: SU - Mixed Bouquet
Blossom: SU - Looks Like Spring
DP: double sided Scenic Route
Piercing Mat

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