Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Treats

My DD and I quickly whipped up these "Treats" to give out to her classmates tomorrow on her last day of Kindergarten. We used my handy dandy Cricut for the the little sunshine die cuts which my daughter created the faces herself with marker. I typed up "Enjoy Summer! From DD" printed on Avery return address labels and we quickly pieced them together. It was very fun to do along side of my DD opposed to mom doing them all herself. (I used PS to remove DD's name on the label for this post)

Our school board does not allow any home made bake goods to be sent to the school because of food allergies and any pre-packaged products have to clearly identify that they are peanut free. So licorice it is.

While I truly appreciate that food allergies should not be taken lightly, it's just a bit of a downer sometimes. I love to bake and it would be nice to send cupcakes just once. Oh well.


Loopylou. said...

oh they are cute! i love the little sunshines and mo would love the liqourice!!!!! hugs Lou xxx

Heather said...

Very cute treats!

My daughter just got out last week. We have had similar rules at her schools. One year I sent her with single serve packs of Cheez-its because she had a classmate allergic to eggs, chocolate, nuts and some dairy and believe it or not- the kid could eat Cheez-its. The class ate them for many birthdays