Thursday, January 10, 2008

To Case or Not to Case?

I am not so good at making time to stamp, however, I always manage to find time through the day to browse through many of the amazing card sites online. I am constantly finding new sources of inspiration, whether it is finding a new technique or new stamp, inventive layout or just a way to use a product I hadn't thought of or many times a way of using a stamp I already own.

Here's the dilemma. Once I finally sit down to stamp, I have other peoples cards burned into my brain. Sometimes I can't shake their idea in order to create one of my own. Original image is from My Paper World.

Take last night for example. I knew I was going to sit down and make a congratulation card for a friend who had a baby boy. I intentionally did NOT go seeking boy card inspiration. However two things happened during the day. I have been trying to be good about visiting the sites of people who leave messages on my site and whilst doing that, I saw a cute BOY card. Not only was it cute, on closer inspection I realized I HAD that stamp too. So low and behold when I sat myself down at my crafting desk, the image I happened across was burned into my brain and I ended up yet again casing instead of creating.

The second thing that happened yesterday was that my new Cuddle Bug folders arrived in the mail. Over the holidays, I had seen on No Time to Stamp a challenge using only one layer of paper. Many people used embossing folders, so I ordered some from online. When my folder arrived yesterday even though I intentionally did not go back to look at the site, the image was burned into my brain and I ended up casing.

I don't think casing is a horrible thing, I just feel more proud of myself when I know it was from my head and not someone else's.

Maybe in order to subdue some of the guilt, I should attempt more layout challenges, at least until those creative juices come back.

I also wish to add that I am disappointed with the last card, well, the execution any way. The ink kept pooling on the stamp and wouldn't stamp clearly on the paper. I even tried doing a double stamp over to create a shadow and even though I used two different brands of ink, the same result - uneven saturation on the paper. As well, any suggestion on how to fix the ends of the ribbon? Because I used only one layer of paper, I couldn't tuck the ribbon ends under a glued surface of paper and had to tuck it under it self which left the ribbon ends looking bulky.


Kathy W said...

I so understand what you are saying about having a card's image on your brain. I don't think it is terrible as long as one mentions where the original card came from. And I've even stayed away from the computer, made a card, and then found out that my card looks like someone else's. Oh well...sometimes I'll start out deliberately trying to CASE and end up with something so different that you'd never know where the original inspiration came from! Other times doing a complete CASE lets me work and focus on a particular technique that I don't know without worrying about design. Your cards look great; thanks for sharing.

Deb said...

I think we all get a little bit of something from any cards we see, its that bit of inspiration we all need and grow with, that is acceptable.
Your card is fabulous and not that similar to the original, it would never be classed as a total copy. I totally go blog hopping when I don't know where to start and often get ideas from a few different cards. The only time it is bad is if you copy exactly and I mean same papers, same layout etc and then try to pass it off as your very own particularly for some gain ie competition.

As for the ribbon I see a lot like this where the ribbon is actually wrapped totally around the card and tied at the front, looks good!
hope this helps!

Kerry J. said...

I too was going to suggest wrapping the ribbon around the whole card - that's what I tend to do for one layer cards. Also, I find the clear $1 stamps aren't great with classic dye inks. I've had the best luck with chalk or pigment inks. If you don't have any you can ink your stamp with versamark ink first, and then into your classic dye ink - seems to make it cover better. Gorgeous cards though!!

My Paper World said...

I love your cute frog card, The colours you chose are great,and the dotty paper looks perfect.
Thanks for giving me credit as your inspiration, it makes me feel really happy to have inspired you!
It's also fun for me to see a different take on my card xx