Friday, November 25, 2011

Tiddlying Along and Redo's

Good Morning! I hope all you American's had a fun, festive and safe Thanksgiving. It was just a regular ol' Thursday here in Canada ;D

A friend asked me to dress up the cover of a journal she had purchased for her daughter. The journal flaps are a fairly deep purple, setting my colour choices.

Here's what I came up with. I re-purposed this coloured image of Fairy Fae Catches a Star from a card I made a while back. I had liked how the image came out, but not the card so much. May as well re-use it then to just have it stuffed away in a drawer.

I added the original stylized mat on top of a new square mat to fill out the size for the journal cover, it's quite large - 6" x 9". I was able to pull open the spiral binding to remove the cover in order to properly align the holes on my card stock.

I also added an oversize grommet to one hole on the ribbon to prevent the ribbon from fraying - hopefully. The grommet was large enough to still allow the pages to flip easily.


Arabella said...

This is beautiful Stephanie! Your colouring is gorgeous! What a great idea to re-purpose the image! I might have to do that too!


Amanda R said...

This is gorgeous Stephanie! Great idea to repurpose the image and I love the blue shading around the fairy, really makes your awesome coloring pop!

Leanne said...

O! This is beautiful!! How lucky your friend's daughter is for receiving a beautiful gift. I'm sure your card was lovely but if this is where you wanted to put her then she is even more lucky. Pretty job! :)

Trina said...

This is the most spectacular journal cover I've ever seen! I know she loves it!